How to Live Fat and Happy

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Anonymous said: So I just saw your post about your tops not fitting well. I'm not sure how long ago that post is from but I figured I'd throw my two sense in anyway and tell you that taking out the pads seems to make them a little bit bigger. I mean you can see your nips without them but oh well lol

Oh thank you!! I’m going to have to try that.

Anonymous said: I followed you a few weeks ago. Looking at your pictures, how inspiring, and bright, and happy you are despite all of this negativity in the world nearly brought me to tears. You've probably been told this many times but you're sooo beautiful, just amazing. You are what many people strive to be. You have something amazing and intangible and omg wow. Totally fan girling over the awesomeness that is you.

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much!! I hope that you guys don’t start thinking that I’m insincere because my responses are so close to the same all of the time, but I’m honestly thrilled and blessed by all of your kind words. I don’t think a person can be told too many times that they are important, and I hope that in answering this you come to know that you are just as important to me!! Because you are. You can and very likely are everything that I am and more!! Thank you for taking the time to write that wonderful message, and also for being a part of my life! <3

Sometimes you have to ask yourself questions like, “Do I look too good for a Thursday, or naw?” We’re just going to a spots bar, but any excuse to get cute.

(Not for porn/fetish blogs.)


a photoset: some things i bought and then took photos of me wearing them in a messy room

also fat girls in fitted clothes appreciation

~do not reblog to porn/fetish/fitspo blogs~

Team fat girls in tight clothes forever and ever!


*not for yo’ porn or fetish blogs*

Yesss!! Back fat sisters! &lt;3 You&#8217;re so pretty! 
(Also, I so hate that you have to tag all of your pics not for porn blogs.I do it too, they ruin everything good.)



*not for yo’ porn or fetish blogs*

Yesss!! Back fat sisters! <3 You’re so pretty!

(Also, I so hate that you have to tag all of your pics not for porn blogs.I do it too, they ruin everything good.)

My brother works at GameStop and posted a Facebook status about how said he is that no one ever calls him at work to ask how he’s doing. Any chance any of you lovely people would like to help me flood his day with fun?


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

dynamicxo said: I'm new to tumblr I must say your blog gives me soooo much life! You're so confident and beautiful 😃

Oh thank you!! If we’re talking about beautiful people, though, we should definitely be talking about you. I peeped your photos. <3

quietseedling said: You are so gosh damn inspirational I can't even handle it. Your confidence oozes all over the place and is contagious. "If we all shine together, we’ll light the world up" ?! HOW BEAUTIFUL CAN ONE PERSON BE!? AHHH

Oh my gosh, thank you beautiful person!! <3 You are everything.

Anonymous said: Do you have a personal blog? I only ask as I think my friend might have met you and thinks youre my doppelganger lol

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but I do have an art blog! It’s

arcaneheart said: I'm sorry but you are so fucking fabulous and I'm jealous. Work it girl! I love the black & gold bikini on you btw! It's absolutely gorg 💕

Oh girl, don’t be jealous, just shine on!! (Because you are gorgeous!) If we all shine together, we’ll light the world up. <3

ellingtonvibes said: Your blog just helped me so much my god you have no idea! I love your confidence, it's simply immaculate xoxo

Oh my goodness, thank you beautiful!! <3

Outfit testing, rogue hairs and all of the duckface.

I hereby solemnly swear to buy a new memory card for my camera sometime this week, so I can take real actual pictures.

(Not for porn blogs, fetish blogs, or your “personal collection.”)

Every time I post a photo and don’t write, “Not for porn/fetish blogs” on the bottom of it, I regret it. Every. Single. Time.